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Implementation of Tempus Project at MNU

To train foreign language teachers with a new outlook and more professionally skilled, the Tempus project № 544161- TEMPUS – 1-2013-1-UK – TEMPUS –JPCR Aston University Developing The Teaching of Blended Masters Programmes (DeTEL) is introduced into educational process at Foreign Philology Department.

The Team developed and introduced innovated Master’s curriculum for future foreign language teachers’ in 2015-2016 academic year.

The 1 semester: Modules Technology and Language Teaching, English Language Improvement, German Language Improvement

The 2nd semester: Modules English Language Improvement, German Language Improvement, Foreign Language Teaching Methodology, Age Appropriate Pedagogy

The 3d semester: English Language Improvement, Foreign Language Teaching Methodology, Course Design and Evaluation

MNU recruited 10 full-time and 10 part-time Master degree students who will graduate from the university in 2017 and in 2018 and 10 in-service teachers who are supposed to audit classes.

Modules in the Master’s curriculum were introduced in  academic semesters:

“English Language Improvement” (lecturer Myronenko Tetyana), “Technology and Language Teaching” (lecturer Dobrovolska Lesia),  “Age Appropriate Pedagogy” (lecturer Barkasi Viktoria), “Foreign Language Teaching Methodology” (lectures Myronenko Tetyana and Scherbakova Olena), “Course Design and Evaluation” (lecturer Dobrovolska Lesia).

The Results of the Project Implementation by Tempus Team in  MNU

-Participated in compiling Modules: – Age Appropriate Pedagogy (3 lessons); – Curriculum Design and Evaluation (3 lessons); – Technology and Language Teaching (2 lessons); – Foreign Language Teaching Methodology (3 lessons).

-Arranged Plan of Procurement of goods, works and services to be acquired on the account of international technical assistance funds.

-Purchased Projection Equipment in December; plan another one in February.

-Took part in annual monitoring of the project by National Erasmus+ Office in Ukraine (June 2015) with Project Coordinator Dr Sue Garton, Director of Postgraduate Programmes in English, School of Languages and Social Sciences Aston University.

-Developed a new department research project “Formation of Professional Competence of Future Foreign Language Teachers through Blended Learning” and as a result several articles were published.

-Made some corrections concerning the content of the Modules regarding students’ feedback.

-Future plans: introduce the rest of the modules for the 3d and the 4th semester and recruit new Master degree students.

Organized meetings with English teachers from Mykolaiv region on methodological questions, particularly the usage of blended learning in the process of teaching foreign languages (May – June 2015, December 2015) at MNU and In-service Teachers Institute.

  • Participated in methodological seminars dedicated to the innovative methods of teaching foreign languages at schools of Mykolaiv region

Visited KNLU with Master degree students in terms of the Project and participated in lectures conducted by Dr. Muna Morris Adams (Aston University) and Kucherina Olena on the topic “Teacher’s Talk” and Dr. Matthias Huts (Freiburg Pedagogical University) on the topic “Cross Cultural Communication” (04 November 2015).